Does Delta sell in stores or to individual residential clients?

No. Delta Furniture is strictly commercial and sells only to the trade.

What is your warranty?

Delta’s standard limited warranty is one year on workmanship and materials supplied by Delta, excluding fabric. For more details see our Resource Library.


What does COM/COL mean?

COM means Customer’s Own Material. When a product is quoted COM, it is the client’s responsibility to buy the fabric and have it shipped to Delta. COL means Customer’s Own Leather.

Do you stock fabrics?

No. Delta does not carry or stock any fabrics but we do offer a leather line.

Can we specify a fabric and have Delta purchase it?

Yes. As long as a fabric is specified (manufacturer, pattern, colorway, stain and flame treatments if required,) Delta is able to offer a graded in option on all products. This is referred to as CSM or customer specified material.

Where do I ship my fabric?

Delta Furniture Attention: COM DEPARTMENT
9225 Pascal Gagnon
St. Leonard, QC
Canada H1P 1Z4

Who is your broker?

Our broker is Livingston International.

What is the difference between Duty and Brokerage?

Brokerage is the fee paid to a customs broker to fill in the paperwork necessary for a shipment to be allowed to cross the border. Duty is a tariff imposed by the government on certain products when they cross the border.

Will I have to pay Duty and Brokerage on all fabrics?

There is a minimal customs fee on all fabrics that cross the border. All fabrics that are North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) compliant can cross the border duty free. Other fabrics may be subject to duty. If you would like ascertain whether there will be duty on a specific fabric, please contact customer service and we will be glad to check it for you. Leathers, regardless off Country of Origin, cross the border duty free.

How much do you charge for Custom clearance?

We charge you the exact same rates that we are charged by our broker and include a copy of their invoice as proof. Current rates run from $15.00 to $45.00 to clear a shipment of one type of fabric.

How do I ship fabrics to Delta?

Please download our quick reference COM guide in the Resource Library for a complete explanation.

How do I find out if my COM fabrics have been delivered?

You can either contact customer service by phone or login in online through our secure site and verify current fabric receipts.


What does blanket wrapped mean?

The term “blanket wrapped” means that we individually wrap each piece of furniture in a heavy plastic bag and then in a padded blanket. The furniture goes on special moving trailers that are able to be “decked” so as to maximize the useable space. Blanket wrapping is a great way to save money and be eco-friendly, as there is no additional costs for cartons and their subsequent removal and disposal. However many warehouses will not store goods that are not cartoned, so it is important to know where the merchandise is going. We are also only able to ship half or full loads blanket wrapped. Individual pieces can sometimes be piggy backed on other loads, but only if we are sending something to that destination.

Who is responsible for damages in freight?

Damages in freight are always the responsibility of the carrier. All merchandise leaving our factory is packed appropriately for transit and inspected for damages.

It is important to either inspect the merchandise when it is received or to mark when signing the waybill “MERCHANDISE NOT INSPECTED”. Otherwise the freight company will not accept any responsibility for the damages. If merchandise is received damaged it is the consignee’s responsibility to file a claim with the carrier. Please notify us and we will be happy to assist in this process.

CAL 133 and Boston Fire Code

What is CAL 133?

Cal 133 or TB 133 is short for the California Bureau of Home Furnishings Technical Bulletin 133 and is a very tough fire code that requires the foam to be covered by a fire retardant barrier.

Cal 133, unlike Cal 117 which is a component test, is a fully comprehensive burn test. This means that we generally need to build a prototype, upholstered in the correct fabric, with the barrier cloth to be burnt in a lab, where it is officially designated as having passed 133. There will be a charge for the extra sample to be produced as well as a charge from the lab for the burn test.

What is the difference between Cal 133 and Boston Fire Code?

Cal 133 compliance is suitable for compliance with Boston Fire Code.

Care and Maintenance

How do I care and maintain my furniture?

The fabric cleaning and maintenance should be as per the fabric manufacturer’s instructions.

The cleaning and maintenance for all wood surfaces should also follow regular house cleaning procedures. As a cleaning precaution, one should stay away from drying products high in ammonia or degreaser.