1. Due to the nature of wood and differences in the way monitors display colors, finishes may vary slightly in consistency and color from the samples shown on the screen. We encourage you to request physical samples to see the true finish.
  2. Standard finishes are shown on maple. Application of these finishes to other wood species will yield different results due to the natural variations in grain and color.
  3. All Delta finishes use high-quality, post-catalyzed lacquers and vinyl sealers.
  4. All finish samples are shown and will be applied with a semi-gloss finish unless otherwise specified.
  5. All “natural” finishes (Natural Maple, Natural Oak, etc.) are clear coats applied to the wood surface. As such, we cannot guarantee the uniformity of these finishes since variations may occur in the color of the wood when two or more pieces are joined together. Applying a clear, non-colored finish does not allow for staining, or shading to unify differences in grain or color.
  6. Delta reserves the right to make changes or modifications to the finishes shown.