Custom Finishes

We encourage designers to select a custom finish and not to feel limited by standard colors. We can match almost any finish. (Please note that a set-up charge may apply on small-quantity orders or on complicated finishes.)

Custom finishes require that a sample be provided to us. Please send all samples clearly identified with the item number and project name to our customer service department.

Delta Furniture
Attention:Customer Service
9225 Pascal Gagnon
St. Leonard, QC
Canada, H1P 1Z4

Once received, your sample will be matched and a set of three variations will be returned to you for approval along with a portion of your original sample. Please be advised that part of the sample will remain at Delta for reference. We ask that all approvals be in writing by email, fax or original transmittal.

In the event that a counter sample is not required, please advise us in writing and we will at our discretion select the closest match.

For any inquiries, please contact customer service 1-888-656-9885 or by email customerservice [at] deltafurniture [dot] com.