Nathan Sefkind

As immigrants to Canada, Nathan cofounded Delta in 1964 with his late brother Solly. His vision has helped guide the company for over forty years, from our very beginning to where we are today. He is a continued source of inspiration for everyone that works with him and can be counted on to share his experience and wisdom. His favorite chair is the Consul because he sits on it every day.

David Sefkind

David is the second generation to run Delta and has helped to usher in its new age. Analytical, with a background in business and engineering, David loves the challenge inherent in being a custom manufacturer. With strong outdoor interests, ranging from skiing to rock climbing, David firmly believes in working hard and playing harder. He loves the Harmony bench for its combination of materials and its clean lines.

Mike Antonacci

With over ten years experience in production, and a focus in specialized wood working, Mike joined the Delta team as the Production Manager in 2008. He has a knack for innovative techniques to improve production output and takes great pride in achieving high quality products. He enjoys working with friends and family in home renovation projects especially anything that involves wood. He enjoys good food and dabbles in cooking but hates doing dishes. He loves swimming whether at the beach or swimming pool as long as it is sunny and warm. Mike’s favorite chair is the Labyrinth because of its detailed show wood.

Dominique Ouellet

According to Dominique, our proficient Operations Manager, anything worth doing is worth doing well. Since he joined our team in 2006, this motto has served him well, especially in his work developing new manufacturing procedures and process optimization. During his down time, he likes spending time with his family, cooking up one of his signature dishes and spending time in the great outdoors. One of his favorite Delta products is Solo which he likes for its simplicity and flexibility.

André Nantel

Savvy and experience make André, our Director of Purchasing, a key member of the Delta family. Since he joined the company in 2002, his negotiating tactics have proved vital. To say André is handy might be an understatement. Where some people boast about home reno projects, André can one-up with them with tales of building homes from the ground up. He counts himself among the fans of the comfy Opera

Michel Ste-Marie

With a background in math and economics, Michel’s love of numbers remains as fervent today as it was during his university days. Our fastidious comptroller joined the Delta family in 2001 with decades of experience. In his spare time, Michel can be found on the links or on the open water in a kayak or sailboat. Otherwise, as he admits, he does his wife’s bidding. His all-time favorite Delta product is the Harmony bench.

Antoinette Caltagirone

Our skillful Certified Accounting Clerk Antoinette is known for her passion for numbers as well as for her passion for coffee. During her lunch break, she is sure to be found at the local café enjoying her cappuccino with her colleagues. With fifteen years of previous experience in bookkeeping, Antoinette joined the Delta team in 2000. When not tabulating accounts, this devoted wife and mother of three is busy with family and social events. The elegant Fusion chaise long is her pick of Delta’s catalog. She can just see herself relaxing in one!

Sylvie Laurier

Our meticulous Accounts Payable Clerk Sylvie has been an indispensable part of our team since 1986. Our suppliers and staff can count on her for her keen attention to detail. Outside the office, she can be found at the stables, where she demonstrates her skill as an accomplished horsewoman. She loves Delta’s Oracle for its warm feeling, pretty woodwork and detailed construction.